Modern scavenger hunt.

Outdoor adventure in the city

Das magische Portal in Chur: Gemeinsam auf interaktiver Rätselsuche in der Altstadt
Whereas in the past scavenger hunts usually involved searching in the forest for written notes, specially laid out stones and other hidden clues, in recent years the interactive version of such adventures has become established - also in Chur.

Thanks to modern means of digitalisation, exciting scavenger hunts can now also be organised in the middle of the city. In Chur, the company has specialised in this. Since 2014, it has been operating so-called escape games in the Alpine City with the «AdventureRooms Chur». With the «Magic Portal» and «Operation Mindfall», interactive scavenger hunts have been added in recent years. And so it is not uncommon to see teams armed with tablets and agent cases in the alleys of the old town, searching for hidden clues and solving mysterious puzzles.

The Magical Portal

Equipped with an iPad and a puzzle bag, the teams set off on foot on a fascinating outdoor adventure through the Old Town. The aim is to solve exciting puzzles as a team and, with the help of the goblin Archibald, to close the Magical Portal and thus save the world. Hidden symbols, cryptic treasure maps and even a mysterious Roman tomb await along the way.

Operation Mindfall

Teams of agents go on an adventurous journey of discovery through the Old Town with a specially equipped agent case. A secret research company is trying to infect the population of Chur with a mind-control virus. The task of the agent team is to find the antidote, neutralise the virus and prevent the catastrophe.

Outdoor Escape Games

Escape Game GmbH offers various interactive scavenger hunts through the city of Chur. The outdoor games promise fun & excitement for young and old: equipped with an iPad and an agent's bag, you puzzle your way through Chur and try to solve an exciting case. Excellent for friends, families, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, outings and team events.