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7023 "AS VILLAGE IN DR CITY" Fountain Whispers September 28 and 29

"Brunnengeflüster" is a fairytale musical fountain walk through the Haldenstein in the evening, on the occasion of the cultural festival "As Dorf in dr Stadt".


28.09.2023 to 29.09.2023 from 18:30 to 20:15 o'clock
on Thursday, Friday
25.- / 15.- /10.-
The walk with a folding chair takes about 90 minutes.
7023 Haldenstein

A variety of fairy tales and stories for people of all ages. Combined with sound, accompanied on the slope, we immerse ourselves in a lively journey of water with the Graubünden storyteller Anna Cathomas and the musician Felix Rüedi. The event takes place in all weather conditions.


far da las bellas IN DER KULTUR schöne Sachen machen IN DER KULTUR

Alpstrasse 10, 7023 Haldenstein

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