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Book launch with Rolf Schmid

The author presents his new book "I mag eifach nid!".


26.10.2023 at 19:30 o'clock
CHF 15.00
With customer card: CHF 10.00
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I just don't like it! This is a book that comedian Rolf Schmid and his lyricist Hardy Hemmi never wanted. Really not. Not even in a dream. They wanted nothing more than to write down a few anecdotes from the almost normal life of the trained baker-confectioner and later comedian Rolf Schmid and to bring these biographical episodes to the stage sometime, somehow and somewhere. That was the plan. But then it happened: Overnight, the whole project took on a life of its own and got going – like a raging Graubünden mountain stream after a thunderstorm and when it bubbles over the pages with mischievousness and wordplay, not a dry eye remains – whether from laughter or crying.

Hardy Hemmi, born in 1959, graduated from the Basel School of Arts and Crafts. With a teaching degree in fine arts, he then taught drawing, handicrafts and art history for ten years. The author lives where he was born, in Chur.

Rolf Schmid, born in 1959, was already looking for the distance in the eighties, when he converted a bus and drove it across the Sahara for four months. He is married, grandfather of two grandchildren and lives where he grew up, in Rothenbrunnen in Graubünden.


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