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Cori Nora


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Live with the debut album "Flowers and Fences" at Sunday Moods in Werkstatt Chur.


15.10.2023 from 20:00 to 22:00 o'clock
Admission free (collection)
Workshop Kultur-Bar

Wrapped in a warm blanket of analog sound, Cori Nora sings about intimacy in the age of digital hyperconnectivity, the desire for shortcuts and what two horses have in common with the pitfalls of touchscreen communication. In autumn her debut album "Flowers and Fences" will be released, which she recorded and produced with a lot of care and passion in close collaboration with her brother Christoph Huber.

You can hear sibling telepathy at work; growing up in a family of musicians, improvising together was the order of the day. The sound of "Flowers and Fences" was shaped by drummer Nick Furrer aka Haubi Songs. He accompanied the siblings for a week in the summer in the remote mountain hut of the Champéry ski club, where the three sound tinkerers tinkered with the basic tracks for the album, before Cori Nora worked independently on the album in Basel, Berlin and London. Together with London guitarist Tara Cunningham they form the live band and bring the eclectic "Flowers And Fences" universe to life on stage.

Neither folk, nor jazz, nor indie-pop, their music veers into experimental gefields and thrives on fearless dynamic contrasts, haunting lyrics, delicate textures and surprising twists. Adventure pop at its finest!

Support: Haubi Songs

Lucerne's one-man band Haubi Songs has long been a Swiss indie hit. The three records Orange, Ergendwie Zäme and Highlife have made the master of understatement a crowd favorite. Multi-instrumentalist and lyricist Nick Furrer experiments as Haubi Songs for a die-hard fan base with the beauty of the little things and the poetry of the spontaneous.

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