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Schweizer Theatertreffen 2022 - The independent theatre group "ressort k" is showing a documentary fiction project based on interviews with active swingers.


20.05.2022 at 21:15 o'clock
CHF 30.00 / 15.00
Reduced: 10.00
Festival pass: from CHF 120.00
Zeit Duration: 1 hour 5 minutes
Ort Postremise

Two men in an arena, the audience around. Tension, concentration and combativeness, but no hostility. It is practiced, men at work. We watch, smell the sweat, listen to the groaning, get thirsty and wonder where the seriousness begins, and where the fun ends. Friendship, fairness and loyalty, tail comparison and aggression, coupled with admiration and vulnerability. The sometimes too closeness in the embrace triggers discomfort and embarrassment. Or does this simply open up the possibility of a different kind of relationship and physicality?

A play made for the Swiss Theatertreffen: Because it deals with an original Swiss custom – not to say national sport – but is nevertheless quite theater. The Hoselupf as pas de deux, you have to come to that first. In general, theatre at the moment likes to go beyond its limits: beyond those between speech, movement and dance theatre on the one hand and those of the linguistic-textual genres on the other. The documentary merges with the fictional and the classical text with current, sometimes spontaneous language. This also applies to the work of the young Basel dancer and choreographer Johanna Heusser, whose works move at the interface of dance and theatre. With this evening, she approaches a field that she was initially alien and skeptical about. A sport that celebrates extremely masculine-patriarchal movements, patriotic at that.

Although all this has very little to do with the artist's worldview and understanding of her role, an approach seems to have taken place here. Because what you get to see that evening is quite a lot of fun and is more than just criticism. As a spectator, you think a lot about the struggling and swinging couple. Certainly, the types of relationships between men have changed, possibly even liberated, since the invention of the hose slip. Or is it perhaps the case – and here, at least as a layman, one is becoming increasingly insecure in terms of Swiss wrestling – that "the other" is already in the complex of this strangest of all sports? What is actually Swiss about all this in addition to the universal, viewers are allowed to discover for themselves and discuss with the performers after the performance.

And anyone who doesn't have sawdust on their pants or skirt hem at the end of this dance theatre – or is it a sporting event? – has definitely done something wrong.

In Swiss German with French surtitles.


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