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Grand Hotel Klibühni Episode 2

Spotlight, stage fright, suspense and drama: From 28 September, hotelier Olaf Breznewski will give first insights into his latest project: Sleeping in the Theatre - Grand Hotel Klibühni.


06.10.2023 at 20:00 o'clock
07.10.2023 at 20:00 o'clock
08.10.2023 at 18:00 o'clock
Single admission Fr. 35.–
Discount for members Fr. 10.–
Single admission students up to 25 years of age
IV Recipients / Cultural Legi / Theatre Professionals Fr. 15.–
Children / adolescents up to 20 years Fr. 10.–
Adults at children's performances Fr. 30.–
Klibühni, the theatre

Investor Night
Investor Oliver Dörmann (Christian Sprecher) wants to put money into Breznevsky's (Nikolaus Schmid) ambitious hotel-theatre project "Sleeping in the Theatre". Director Olga Ball Schneider (Rebecca Indermaur) is extremely skeptical and receptionist Lisa Kälin and caretaker Vincent Schneider have a bigger problem on their necks. And so, shortly before the planned spectacular opening evening on 12 October, the small theatre world is slowly but surely coming apart at the seams. Ex-commissioner Rita Flügel (Ursina Hartmann) already has her nose in the wind.

A three-part crime comedy was created in cooperation between the FHGR and Klibühni Chur.

With Monika Dierauer, Oliver Krättli, Christian Sprecher, Rebecca Indermaur, Ursina Hartmann, Marco Luca Castelli, Ana Fernandez, Bruno Schatz, Dario Marty, Dominik Bernet, Flavia Bernold, Jann Clavadetscher, Livia Solèr, Marco Binz, Moritz Schmid, Pascal Pfaundler, Patrizia Gwerder-Calcagnini, Philip Zurmühle, Rebekka Schmid, Serge Djoungong, Ursina Trautmann and others


Klibühni, das Theater

Kirchgasse 14, 7000 Chur

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