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GROKI concert with Linard Bardill, grandparents and their grandchildren

"Gschenkti Ziit" - songs from three generations. Sung by Linard Bardill, grandparents with their grandchildren. Directed by Corina Barandun. Accompaniment: Groki band


30.09.2023 at 17:00 o'clock
Comander Church

"I'm more and more interested in what unites us," says singer and storyteller Linard Bardill, "society is so fragmented that we don't even meet anymore. It would be nice if the fat and the thin, the rich and the poor, the clever and the even smarter sat at a table and sang the Berein song!"

The Chur Grokichor and – the concerts are an attempt to bring old and young together. On stage and in the audience. Well-known and unknown, old and new songs: from the ploogata Hansli to the thoughts that are free, to the goat who knows everything: songs with profundity and superficial strength, funny, thoughtful and easy to sing along.

Rehearsed by Corina Barandun, sung by Linard Bardill, grandparents with their (elected) grandchildren. Accompanied by the Groki band from Scharans.

Adults: CHF 10.--, children up to 16 years free.

The entrance fee will be donated entirely to the social projects "HEKS/EPER Gardens Chur" and "feasible" in Chur. No registration required.




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