Heart and Mouth and Deed and Life - Bach Cantatas

The newly founded Bach Association Chur will bring on Saturday, 25 September 2021 20 o'clock in the St. Martinskirche Chur and on Sunday, 26 September 2021.


25.09.2021 from 20:00 to 21:30 o'clock

The newly founded Bach Association Chur will perform three cantatas by Johann Sebastian Bach on Saturday, 25 September 2021 at 8 pm in the St. Martinskirche Chur and on Sunday, 26 September 2021 at 5 pm in the Reformed Church Scuol.

The cantata BWV 6 ? Stay with us, because it wants to be evening? Bach composed for the second day of Easter. Among other things, it deals with the walk to Emmaus. The night that falls with its darkness and the request not to remain alone is transferred to the general situation of believers.
BWV 131 ? From the depths I, Lord, call to you? is one of Bach's oldest surviving cantatas. The text consists of Psalm 130 and a chorale from 1588. Both text sources address the plea for forgiveness of sins.
The central theme of the cantata BWV 147 ? Heart and mouth and deed and life? is the public confession of God and Jesus. The work is one of the popular and relatively frequently performed Bach cantatas. In the elaborate entrance choir, a solo trumpet virtuosically underlines the festive character of the piece. The two final chorales of the first and second part ? Do I know that I have Jesus? and? Jesus remains my joy? are framed by a triolic string melody and are among Bach's most popular compositions internationally.

The soloists Manuela Tuena, Daniela Candrian, Christoph Waltle and Mattias Müller-Arpagaus are joined ad hoc by a ripieno choir. Pieder accompanies Jörg on the organ.

Admission: 40.- (with discounts)

The Association
The newly founded Bach Association Chur organizes annual concerts with music by J.S. Bach. If possible, local musicians will be taken into account. After the ensemble has performed several concerts with Bach cantatas with great success in recent years, concerts with three Bach cantatas in September in Chur and Scuol are also on the agenda for the first year of the association. The St. John Passion planned for this spring had to be postponed by one year.

Manuela Tuena, soprano
Daniela Candrian, mezzo-soprano
Christoph Waltle, Tenor
Mattias Müller-Arpagaus, baritone

Sonja Reinthaler, Oboe
Regula Weiss, Oboe
Luzi Juon, Oboe
Lea Lampert, bassoon
Jon Flurin Buchli, trumpet

Maria Scheidegger, violin
Céline Müller, violin
Karin Punzi, Viola
Adrian Müller, cello
Daniel Sailer, double bass

Pieder Jörg, organ

ripieno Choir ad hoc:
Soprano: Margrit Casutt, Monica Müller, Manuela Schiess, Ruth von Wyl
Alto: Aita Biert, Angelina Küng, Emilia Zangger
Tenor: Hansueli Christener, Dumeng Schreich, Boris Spycher, Ramon Zangger
Bass: Georg Fromm, Philippe Heyerick, Andreas Kuoni, Jonas Urech, Luigi Menghini

Registration: Advance booking: online via ticketleo.com, by e-mail to bachkantaten@gmx.ch, phone 079 827 41 22



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