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Inauguration 7: Cabaret "The Yellow of the Ice"

Musical reading from minutes of Graubünden community meetings by Claudio Spescha (journalist) and Donat Caduff (author) with saxophonist Niculin Janett (by Fränzlis da Tschlin).


Evang.-ref. Church Felsberg

What color will the new bus stop be? What gift does the outgoing community worker have? And how does a municipality want to organize its forestry/plant area in the future? This reading condenses snippets of minutes from Graubünden municipal meetings into a reality soap opera – yes, a tongue-in-cheek homage to Swiss militia culture.
It is narrated by Claudio Spescha (journalist) and Donat Caduff (author) in the traditional wording of committed female mayors, notoriously opposing and courageous feminists. But despite escalating debates, there is a solution to every problem. Or at least someone to blame. The reading will be musically accompanied by saxophonist Niculin Janett


Evangelische Kirchgemeinde Felsberg

Obere Gasse 3, 7012 Felsberg

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