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Ithir by Rigolo


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Dance and object theatre in four chapters.


03.11.2023 from 20:00 to 22:00 o'clock
04.11.2023 from 20:00 to 22:00 o'clock
Adults: CHF 38.00
Children up to 16 years: CHF 19.00
Students: CHF 28.00

Ithir – the human being, the cycle, the world. In 4 chapters, the play tells of the infinity of the universe, of becoming and passing away and of the eternal cycle of nature.

Two dancers and a double bass player play, dance, perform without shying away from clay in all its consistencies, dripping wet to hard as stone. A static stage set comes to life, merges with the movement of the dancers and the archaic sounds of the music and changes into a large loamy setting. Ithir impressively brings the life cycles back into our consciousness and the realization: People are part of nature.

A two-metre-tall stick puppet plays a central role in the new dance theatre piece. The doll bears the name Ithir and is also the namesake of the entire Ithir production. The character Ithir is a creature that has inhabited the earth since time immemorial. It has already survived countless huge transformations of the earth's surface, seen life forms emerge and perish. As our life-giving atmosphere evolved, or powerful ice ages paralyzed life on Earth, Ithir was always a silent observer. Through her sensitive perception, she got to know the tiniest cycles and understood their relationship to the huge cycles, which can only be described by us humans as infinity.


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