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JazzChur SUMMER FESTIVAL - JazzChur Labor: Kappeler Zumthor meets Gimm


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27.07.2022 from 22:00 to 23:00 o'clock

Vera Kappeler p, Peter Conradin Zumthor dr, Gian Marco Schmid aka Gimma voc, Vincent von Schlippenbach aka DJ Illvibe turntables

On three evenings, the duo Kappeler Zumthor invites guests from different areas of culture. During the day, the program is developed and presented to the festival audience in the evening. The samples are open to the public and provide an insight into the creation and rehearsal process.

Vincent von Schlippenbach aka DJ Illvibe is a DJ and producer from Berlin. He produces the music for great German hip-hop acts such as Seed or Marteria and is at the same time on the road in the independent scene as a very playful improviser and experimenter.

Gian Marco Schmid aka Gimma is the rapper who lives in Haldenstein. He writes books, produced countless songs and has recently also been performing improvising. Not denying his origins in rap, he has long since broken its boundaries.


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