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A musical voyage of discovery between indie sounds, emotion-soaked slacker lyrics and level-crushing hooklines.


25.10.2023 from 20:00 to 22:00 o'clock
CHF 28.00 / CHF 20.00
Workshop Kultur-Bar

After a longer break he is back with his new album. The brand new as well as older songs he now presents live in the workshop Chur.

The questions that arise from the fan perspective about the new record are: What does the young man with the pain-filled voice describe this time? How does he lay his meta-layered observations over the rocking indie board this time? And why are there no women's names in the choruses this time?

The album is called "En liaba Gruass" and with these words could also come from Megawatt. But what matters is the content, n'est-ce pas? Because once you embark on the musical voyage of discovery between indie sounds, emotionally soaked slacker lyrics and level-pressing hooklines, the sound of a forgotten generation buzzes towards you.

Kaufmann dispenses with coarse language, but relies on strong images. And so the songs of the musician are always to be understood as everyday poetry. On top of that, he has his voice under control. And it can do quite a few capers in a Kaufmann song, if he doesn't want to throw a few sloppy riffs into the witch's cauldron.

It could hardly be more authentic. Anyone who listened to the indie guitars of English and American bands in the '90s and post-millennium feels picked up again and again by Kaufmann's new work. It smells like a musty London open-mic tavern, but sounds as powerful as if the songs were produced at Abbey Road Studios.

A listen through the album reveals something: it's still possible to compose handmade, analog and honest pop numbers that don't include an accordion and don't need an alphorn on the cover to exude their Swissness. Sometimes a sincere namesake who knows himself and his roots is enough. And his songs.

With his debut album "König vu dr Nacht," Kaufmann was flushed from the rehearsal room onto the country's club and festival stages in 2018. Together with his band, he played more than 100 concerts in 2018/2019. Shortly after, he followed up in 2019 with the EP "Dr Chüalschrank isch leer". Kaufmann played the really big festivals like the OpenAir St. Gallen, the Moon and Stars, the Musikfestwochen Winterthur or also the Stars in Town.

Kaufmann has also shared the stage as support for the two dialect legends Patent Ochsner and Breitbild. With her radio hit "Lisa", titled by SRF3, Kaufmann was on everyone's lips and ears in 2018 and enjoyed heavy airplay.

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