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Open-air theatre "Anno Onna"

Anniversary open-air theatre of the Theaterverein Domat/Ems


11.09.2022 from 20:30 to 23:00 o'clock
Category 1: CHF 30.00
Category 2: CHF 38.00
Tuma Padrusa

An exclusive open-air play for the anniversary

This year's play by the Theaterverein Domat/Ems is about nothing less than the history of the Theaterverein and the history of the entire community. This is not just any play that the Ems theatre professionals are taking on. No, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the association, the audience is offered great theatre on the same stage in accordance with the anniversary occasion. For example, "Anno Onna" is not only a work written by the well-known Graubünden theatre and film director Felix Benesch especially for the Theaterverein Domat/Ems, but also the first Ems open-air plays since 2013. The impressive old quarry on the Tuma Padrusa serves as a backdrop for this once again.

In terms of content, Benesch's work revolves both around the founding of the Theatre Association and the history of the municipality of Domat/Ems. What may sound like rather heavy historical material at first glance turns out to be a lively, entertaining open-air play with many different roles, rustic characters, music, historical backgrounds and yes, even a pinch of humor at the Theaterverein Domat/Ems.

Benesch has focused on women in his witty Ems theatre association and community narrative. Women such as Onna Maria Bühler, who heroically opposed the French occupying forces in 1799 and who is commemorated in today's Domat/Ems with her own village well, among other things.

With "Anno Onna", the Theaterverein Domat/Ems was able to have a script written especially for itself for the first time in its history. All the greater is the tension and anticipation of all those involved with regard to the theatrical implementation. Meanwhile, the audience can already look forward to enjoying a unique piece of village theatre in the midst of an equally unique open-air backdrop with the Ems anniversary act.

Performance dates:

Premiere, Saturday, 27.08.22

Further performances: Wednesday, 31.08.22; Friday, 02.09.22; Saturday, 03.09.22; Sunday, 04.09.22; Wednesday, 07.09.22; Friday, 09.09.22; Saturday, 10.09.22; Sunday, 11.09.22; Wednesday, 14.09.22; Friday, 16.09.22; Saturday, 17.09.22. Start at 8.30 pm.

Further information can be found at www.theater-ems.ch/.

Participating artists: Theaterverein Domat/Ems


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