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Operetta Ardez in Viadi: 2 Horned for a Hallelujah


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Funny musical theatre between opera, pop and boxing, with dialogues in the three cantonal languages.


29.09.2023 at 20:00 o'clock
CHF 42.00 / 25.00 (pupils, students, Kulturlegi, box office only)

A woman who beats her husband and two men who duel so as not to have to keep the woman - it is the break with expectations that makes Donizetti's one-act play "Rita" a small jewel among short operas. Enriched with music by Wagner, Schumann, Grönemeyer and the Comedian Harmonists, the opera goes on tour with stops in Zuoz, Ftan and Chur and Boswil.
Operetta Ardez goes into viadi. Hallelujah!

Operetta Ardez is looking forward to going back to work after "La spusa chapriziusa" to create a piece with that certain something. In 2021, Rossini's first opera, in collaboration with Opera Engiadina, was translated into Romansh for the first time - this year Donizetti's "Rita" will be enriched with music from a wide variety of styles and epochs and provided with new texts by director Ivo Bärtsch. The result is a colorful musical mixture that is brought to the stage with simple means and a lot of wit. True to their intention of making music theatre that transcends genres for people outside the big centres, a smaller format is going on tour with the established ensemble.

One woman, two men - ingredients for a cliché opera? Not so these: Donizetti wrote the one-act play for his personal pleasure and subtly makes fun of the recurring motifs in the genre of opera.

Rita is a contented hotel owner who wears trousers in her marriage to Beppe. If the poor guy doesn't parry, he'll get a beating! It is clear that Beppe is not as happy as his wife in this regard. He therefore gratefully accepts the advice of a new guest, who advises him to actively defend himself against his wife's airs and graces. Then it turns out that this very guest is Rita's husband, who was believed to be dead - Gasparo. He has come to get the marriage certificate of his wife, who was believed to have been burned. It comes as it must: the men duel because they both want to avoid staying married to Rita.

Great emotions and a lot of wit can also be heard in the selection of additional music, which is arranged by the Chur Duri Collenberg for the specially assembled tavern chapel. The audience can look forward to catchy melodies by Donizetti, depth with Wagner and Schumann, moments of smiles with Grönemeyer and the Comedian Harmonists and touching beauty of Romanesque folk songs. In a good 90 minutes, there will be something for everyone - musically or linguistically - as all three Graubünden languages will be served.

The mezzo-soprano Gianna Lunardi (Rita), the tenor Daniel Bentz (Beppe) and the baritone Chasper Curò Mani (Gasparo) will be accompanied by a unique inn band consisting of Anne Battegay (violin), Jojo Kunz (double bass), Franco Mettler (clarinet/sax), Gabriel Brandigi (horn), Simon Bächinger (piano/percussion) and Thomas Weber (accordion). The film is directed by Ivo Bärtsch, the costumes are designed by Briony Langmead and the music is arranged by Duri Collenberg.



Engadinstrasse 43, 7000 Chur

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