Prader House History(s): Houses tell stories

Reading "Prader House History"" The old houses and families» - or: houses tell stories. Ruth Strassmann and Susanne Müller


13.08.2021 at 18:00 o'clock

The authors Ruth Strassmann and Susanne Müller report on how the idea became a concrete project and finally the printed book. 
"Prader Hausgeschichte(s)" are biographies of houses and the people who lived in them. The book documents the structural development of the houses and the history of local families over the past four centuries. Special aspects such as the traditional construction and the facade decoration or the emergence of the inns or the importance of emigration are part of the house biographies. In addition to the virtual walk through Praden, a short detour to the village of Tschiertschen, to the house of the Prader builder Ulrich Lys is planned. Registration required.


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