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Public vernissage «boundlessly luppy. Folk music in Graubünden»

The new special exhibition focuses on the history and present of Graubünden folk music.


06.10.2023 at 18:00 o'clock
Rätisches Museum

Who doesn't know it: Swiss folk music with its raunchy melodies. What we now call Ländler music originated at the beginning of the 20th century. It only became popular as modern light music with the advent of the hand organ in professional dance bands; in the city. In the course of the spiritual defence of the country during the Second World War, it was declared the Swiss national music.

Triggered by the folk movement, a new interest in old instruments, dances and songs has awakened since the 1970s. Gradually, the folk music scene opened up to a variety of playing styles. Today, it presents itself as traditional as it is innovative, creative and experimental. In our new special exhibition "Boundlessly airy. Folk Music in Graubünden", we dedicate ourselves to the many facets of this Swiss cultural heritage and its development in our canton.

The new special exhibition starts with a public vernissage. Speakers: Andrea Kauer Loens, museum director and Silvia Conzett, curator.

The musical framework will be provided by Flurin Caviezel and siini Original Rätischa Ländlerfründa (ORL) with Pius Baumgartner and Gian Carlo Simonelli.


Rätisches Museum

Hofstrasse 1, 7000 Chur

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