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RAMIRO ESTRADA Vernissage & Exhibition "Maybe - Poetical Fiction"

In his drawings and sculptures, the Chur artist Ramiro Estrada questions the countless possible manifestations of human existence.


26.05.2022 to 27.05.2022 from 10:00 to 12:00 o'clock
on Thursday, Friday
26.05.2022 to 27.05.2022 from 16:00 to 20:00 o'clock
on Thursday, Friday
28.05.2022 from 14:00 to 20:00 o'clock
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Ort Chur Town Hall

Ramiro Estrada: «Maybe - Poetical Fiction», exhibition Stadtgalerie

ChurFrom 14 May to 28 May, works by the Chur artist Ramiro Estrada can be seen in the Stadtgalerie. The exhibition «Maybe - Poetical Fiction» offers an exciting insight into the graphic and sculptural work of the artist with Mexican roots.

If you open one of the drawing books bound in noble natural linen, which Ramiro Estrada presents in the Stadtgalerie, you are as surprised as you are impressed from the very first moment: hour after hour and day after day, the artist has sounded out the face of human existence in his project "Facebook", which has lasted for several years. In this context, thousands of drawings have been created, which approach the real and the possible manifestations of the human in fast, expressive and at the same time concentrated strokes. And so, in the exhibition, we are almost confronted with a graphic elemental force of the poetry of existence condensed in the flow of successive moments. Joy, pain, moments of reflection and meditation as well as hours of dissolved freedom manifest themselves equally in the fast, sweeping and precise drawings and immerse the viewer in the possibilities and impossibilities of the poetic worlds of the individual and the social collective.

Technical skills and artistic

intuitionThe technically excellently realized drawings are joined by clay sculptures and installation works by Estrada. Shown for the first time in Chur, the impressive sculptures immediately reveal the academically trained sculptor. In a free, skilful sculptural style and the color intensity of his Mexican homeland, the artist plays the room with his fictions about human character traits and ways of being reduced to head sculpture and bust. In addition to his apparent technical skills, Estrada's unmistakable sense of the profound and the essential fascinates as well as in the drawing as well as in the sculptural work, which he puts into the work with secure and consistently guided artistic intuition. VernissageSa

14 May 2021 - 5 to 8 pmStadtgalerie
, in the town hall, Poststrasse, ChurAfterparty
at CUADRO22ExhibitionDo

19 May to Sat 28th Mayopen
and Fri 10.00 - 12.00 and
16.00 - 20.00sSat
14.00 - 20.00mSearning


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