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"Raskolnikov" Expressionist German silent film by Robert Wiene, 1923

"Raskolnikov" Expressionist German silent film by Robert Wiene from 1923


22.09.2022 from 19:00 to 21:30 o'clock
Bündner Kunstmuseum

Illuminated by Vaclav Pozarek

Hermann Scherer (1893–1927) was one of the most important representatives of Expressionism in Switzerland. In his work, the last four years of his life are the most important time. This is where "Scherer becomes Scherer" by breaking completely new ground, inspired by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. The exhibition focuses on Scherer's printmaking works and shows how the technique of woodcuts strengthens his efforts to find new forms and figural abstraction.

A special feature of the exhibition are the original wooden sticks, which can be seen here for the first time in public. The furrowed surface reliefs of the plates, most of which are processed on both sides, show the vehement blows of Scherer's cut irons materially. The printing blocks are shown in the immediate vicinity of the printed sheets, on which they have been peeled off in varying thicknesses on different papers.
Thematically, Scherer's woodcut oeuvre bundles the central aspects of his entire oeuvre: the existential isolation of the human being in nude and individual portrait, couple constellations (which cannot escape this isolation), landscape images in expressive immediacy, friendship images as a mirror of the private, artistic and intellectual network. In addition, there are the portfolio works, which have hardly been examined so far, in which Scherer takes a novel with Dostoevsky's Raskolnikoff and a play with The Baal by Bertold Brecht as a starting point. What is striking here is the tendency towards an abrupt "change of scene", in which the gaze jumps from one intense image to the next. In it, the aesthetics of the expressionist silent film are shown to be formative, to which Hermann Scherer reacted immediately.

The exhibition was created in close cooperation with the Kunstmuseum Basel. In the Bündner Kunstmuseum, the exhibition has been completely reformulated. The artist Vaclav Pozarek was won over for the exhibition design in Chur.


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