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Reeto von Gunten - Originaal

A unique mixture of reading, slide show and improv comedy.


04.10.2023 from 20:00 to 22:00 o'clock
CHF 25.00 / CHF 20.00*
Workshop Kultur-Bar

Original, what a strained word. Almost worse than authentic. And now he dedicates an entire program to the Originaal (as if the two e's in his name weren't enough). However, with a completely new twist - as you just know him.

It's about art, kitsch and commerce. He exposes the machinations of the creative - nefarious and without regard even for his own tender artist's soul - and comes to a conclusion that not only surprises, but opens up new perspectives. Sounds like a life-support seminar, admittedly, but don't worry: the seating won't be circular. But the program will.

In his unique mix of reading, slide show and improvisational comedy, Reeto von Gunten tells us why originality does not come from within but from outside and why it is so important for our everyday lives.

Reeto von Gunten is more gripping than an electro-magnet, more trustworthy than a guide dog and similar to a submarine with a confetti snorkel when it comes to humor and depth. He's also an author, spoken word artist and radio host on SRF3, knows the original behind every cover and is one of the country's most versatile artists. The "high priest of hipsters" (NZZ) with the "voice with which you can heat rooms" (Berner Bund) shafft it to create a variety of cabaret that excites, inspires and always resonates. After all, ideas also have two e's in their names. "Originaal" is his twelfth cabaret program.

By and with Reeto von Gunten. A production of Atelieer.

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