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Starbug's comedy "JUMP! Reloaded"

Starbug's comedy "JUMP! Reloaded"


25.03.2023 from 20:00 to 22:40 o'clock
Category 1: CHF 45.00
Multi-purpose hall Tircal

«JUMP! Reloaded»

«JUMP!» has been thrilling fans all over the world since its launch. Time for a refresh! From autumn 2022, Starbug's comedy will now be available with the revised show "JUMP! Reloaded» on tour. A show with many updates. The reloaded show is even faster and more surprising. A must for all spectators who have seen "JUMP!" once, twice or never before.

From New York to Tokyo, the three comedians have played into the hearts of audiences with a unique blend of dance, acrobatics and comedy. With captivating, astonishing dynamics, Starbug's comedy leaves the familiar spheres of comedy in her show. The three cool guys draw their audience in so stunningly imaginative, funny and cunning that they can't find out from the amazement.

They don't tell jokes, and yet the audience laughs through in you. Three men, amazing effects and props are enough to sweep the audience away in an inspiring, meticulously timed spectacle. The new comedy drug is stunningly powerful – full of timing, rhythm, sound and songs. How that feels: simply phenomenal. You can guess how it works and can't believe it. Something goes in your pants non-stop, but never in the way you expect. If you think the shot is outside, the bang catches you cold afterwards.

In the erratic ups and downs, Starbug's comedy virtuosically rewinds life backwards and forwards – sometimes in slow motion, sometimes in time-lapse. Sympathetically tongue-in-cheek, they flirt with the audience while outsmarting themselves. The inexhaustible imagination of Starbug's comedy has extreme side effects: sorelaughter. So when half the world leaves the theatre unleashed after the show, you know: "Jump! Reloaded» has grabbed her.


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