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Story, story, the.


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With self-written texts and Øyen's well-known cinematic style, the relationship between lies and love is addressed.


29.04.2024 at 19:30 o'clock
CHF 28.00 / 42.00 / 15.00 (regular / patron / reduced)
Theater Chur

The title "Story, story, die." is a reference to an elimination game in which the players sit in a circle and tell a story together. The GM can intervene at any time and point the finger at a new person who has to continue spinning the thread. If you are too slow or hesitate, you will "die" or be kicked out of the game.

In his successful interdisciplinary production, Alan Lucien Øyen brings the dynamics of this play to the stage. For the Norwegian choreographer and director, this is a great metaphor for today's life: we constantly have to have a suitable story ready or even invent it in order to present ourselves as sympathetically as possible. And all this at an insanely fast pace, which social media in particular imposes on us. The pressure to be liked weighs heavily on our analogue and digital shoulders: every day we have to generate and share attractive content or just "die".

With self-written texts and Øyen's well-known cinematic style, "Story, story, die." addresses the relationship between lies and love. What do we do to be liked? The piece explores how we humans constantly rearrange our daily lives to create a story to match. In doing so, it repeatedly exposes how we stage reality for others, but lie to ourselves in the process. Life becomes a relentless pursuit of recognition – a fast-fading, "conditional" love that depends on success and happiness. Alan Lucien Øyen and his company winter guests explore the question "Who do I show what of myself?" and create a world that leaves the audience breathless. With "Story, story, die.", Øyen is a guest in Switzerland for the first time.


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