The ground on which we live flows!

Symposium as part of the exhibition «LandLiebe. Kunst und Landwirtschaft».


30.10.2021 from 10:00 to 17:00 o'clock
Price CHF 30.00

A solid floor under your feet promises stability. It provides support, secures, forms the basis of our diet. If, on the other hand, you lose the ground under your feet, the signs point to upheaval and announce uncertainty and instability. This is not only true in a metaphorical sense. Where the ground starts to move, be it in a landslide or landslide, the term "catastrophe" is not far away. Nevertheless, the idea of a completely immovable soil does not correspond to reality. The naturalist Alfred Wegener developed the theory of continental drift as early as 1915 and claimed that the soil was in constant motion. A contemporary of Wegener's exclaimed in surprise: "The ground on which we live flows!" The French sociologist Bruno Latour has recently added: "The earth is mutating!".

The conference deals with the (in)stability of soil at the intersection of the humanities and natural sciences. It is about "soil layers" that reflect natural and anthropogenic processes of change. This also includes the metaphorical content of scientific findings and their influence on the perception of nature.


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