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[tʃlˈfɪk] – Sounding cultural history in the Schanfigg


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The village trail from Arosa to Chur via Tschiertschen will have sound stations. These will be inaugurated with three events in Calfreisen, Tschiertschen and Molinis on June 22, 2024. Information will follow.


22.06.2024 from 09:45 to 18:00 o'clock
Full day with transport in a nostalgic bus: 60.-
Individual events 20.- each
Old schoolhouse

Opening 22 June 2024.
Since 2021, the Schanfigg Village Trail has connected the villages of the Schanfigg from Chur to Arosa on both sides of the valley. The 52km long network of hiking trails is well maintained and offers hiking enthusiasts multi-day stage tours as well as one-day hikes and village walks.

With the project [tʃlˈfɪk] – Klingende Kulturgeschichte am Dörferweg Schanfigg, site-specific sound installations are to be placed in the villages of Calfreisen, Lüen, St. Peter, Pagig, Fatschél, Molinis, Peist, Langwies, Arosa, Tschiertschen and Praden, each of which makes village history, village culture, oral history and the history of technology and craftsmanship audibly tangible in different ways.

These will be inaugurated with three events in Calfreisen, Tschiertschen and Molinis. Interested parties can take part in all three events by bus upon registration.
In Tschiertschen, the designer and sound artist Kaspar König invites you to an acoustic journey of discovery. On the section of the path from the Old Schoolhouse to the "Sagi", walkers learn how multi-layered the audible sounds are and how auditory horizons are created when walking. Listening is an activity that can be actively designed and receives special attention in everyday life at the latest after this journey of discovery. In the run-up to the sound tour, there will be coffee and croissants, as well as introductory words by Marie-Claire Niquille (Pro Tschiertschen-Praden) on the cross-valley project "[tʃlˈfɪk]: Klingende Kulturgeschichte im Schanfigg" in front of the old schoolhouse in Tschiertschen.
Registration and further information: arosalenzerheide.swiss/en/Booking-Tickets/Activities/Klangfuehrung-in-Tschiertschen-Eroeffnung-tSl-fIk_asd_17529935&end=2024-06-30T00%3A00%3A00&text=&topic=0&region=332100

A cooperation project between:
Kulturhuus Schanfigg, Carla Gabrí
Arosa Kultur, Andri Probst
Pro Tschiertschen-Praden, Marie-Claire Niquille


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