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Vera Kappeler Introduction: Martina Berther

Improvisation / Experimental / Clavichord / Bass


23.05.2024 from 20:15 to 22:00 o'clock
JazzChur @ Marsoel the Bar

Vera Kappeler clavichord, Martin Hofstetter sound/elec, Martina Berther eb/elec

JazzChur curator Martina Berther will get the audience and their ears in the mood for the evening with music and a conversation. On the evenings she curated, she always presents a new sound from her solo debut "Bass Works: As I Venture Into". The album is based on improvisation and extended playing techniques; this resulted in different compositions, sounds and spheres that tingle and collapse with loneliness and wonder. After the musical opening, Berther sets the mental and emotional framework for the subsequent concert in conversation.

The pianist Vera Kappeler likes to explore different types of keyboard instruments. In her current project Wayfaring Stranger, she dedicates herself to the clavichord, which inspires new ways of playing with its fine dynamics and small range. The player is physically close to the keys and the touch mechanism and can intervene at any point in the vibration process. Between improvisation and traditional motifs from blues and folk music, the historical instrument will be resurrected and electronically amplified and processed by Martin Hofstetter.


JazzChur @ Marsoel the Bar

Süsswinkelgasse 25, 7000 Chur

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