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Narrative performance by Hildegard Keller with her novel about Hannah Arendt.


26.10.2022 at 19:30 o'clock
Fr. 18.- per person
Chur City Library

Hildegard Keller's great novel accompanies the main character through her last summer in Ticino, her life and work as well as her century. On the way you get to know a fascinating new Hannah Arendt. In the summer of 1975, the almost 69-year-old travels to Ticino to write her last book and relax in the idyll in Tegna. Her great life journey led from Königsberg via Berlin, Paris to New York and also to Jerusalem, to the trial of Adolf Eichmann. Her book about it sparked a controversy that dragged Hannah Arendt into the glaring light of the public. Hildegard Keller also talks about this, reads from her novel, accompanied by music and pictures.

followed by an aperitif


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