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The comedy theatre of the GHG Sonnenhalde Tandem will go on tour in 2024 with its third in-house production!


17.05.2024 from 19:00 to 20:00 o'clock
Standard CHF 40
Reduced CHF 35
Children/AHV/IV CHF 30


Do we want something? And if so, what exactly do we want? And who is that anyway: us?

Comedy theatre gets down to the nitty-gritty. It embarks on a search for what they have in common. For what the "we" actually is and what this "we" might want.

How do we figure this out? We have to ask ourselves, answer each other, take responsibility, negotiate with each other. We need to come to an understanding. Everyone needs to know what's at stake. Then we can decide. There are difficult conditions. Who doesn't hear well? Who doesn't see well? Who doesn't want to listen? Who doesn't look? We?

Is it possible to simply determine, to command? Or do we have to vote? Is voting fair? Do we have to keep talking until everyone agrees? Is that still an opinion when everyone agrees with me? Or is it rather "ours"? And are we still us if everyone thinks like me? Am I all then? Is everyone me? Or have "we" changed? By talking and doing?


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