Theatre and Music

Stadttheater Chur
In addition to its own productions, the Theatre Chur also offers guest performances from all over the world, while the Theatre Klibühni presents cabaret and local cultural creations. Musical delicacies of all kinds can also be heard in many places.
Theater Chur

Theater Chur

Theater Chur is the city's performative arts venue and the largest theatre in the Canton of Graubünden. The house fosters and encourages new, interesting experiments and cultural dialogues which enrich Chur's diverse cultural life.

Klibühni Chur

Klibühni, The Theatre

Klibühni makes theatre with a colourful, fresh mixture of its own productions, guest performances and special events. This in a beautiful urban property in Chur and for forty years. As an additional attraction and broad effect, the theatre opens the Höfli-Beiz each summer with high-quality food and wine, spiced with an exciting cultural programme.

Kammerphilharmonie Graubünden

Kammerphilharmonie Graubünden

The Kammerphilharmonie Graubünden cultivates a tradition of openness: off the beaten track of the concert business, the orchestra tries unbiasedly to cast new light on the inexhaustible landscape of music. Works that are more on the margins of occidental music can be heard, as can current compositions by contemporaries, supplemented by film music or pop concerts. The opera at Haldenstein Castle is also one of the regular productions.

Werkstatt Chur

Werkstatt Chur

The old coppersmith's «Werkstatt» is now a listed building. The inspiring meeting place with its unmistakable character stands for young culture and focuses on innovative accents. The Werkstatt focuses mainly on acoustically reduced music for great moments in a cosy living room atmosphere. The regional music and cultural scene as well as independent bands from all over the world and from every musical genre are supported.

Postremise Chur


The so-called Postremise was built in 1864 as a riding hall and playhouse in double function, but was only in operation for a few years. At the end of the 19th century it was converted into a stagecoach parking garage. In the meantime the Postremise has become an established venue for music, literature and theatre performances. Every year several dozen events - from chamber concerts to dance festivals to theatre productions - take place in the Postremise.


JazzChur unites the Jazz Club Chur, Weekly Jazz, Soundhund, Palaver and the Academy under one roof and presents over 50 events with more than 120 musicians from Switzerland and abroad every year. The club bundles the entire spectrum of jazz and improvised music in Graubünden and thus offers first-hand cultural participation - across all language, educational and generational boundaries.

Alphorngruppe Arcas

Arcas Alphorn group

A colourfully mixed group that enjoys making music, especially playing Alphorn. Exercises often take place in public on the Arcas sqaure. The car-free place offers particularly optimal conditions for acoustics and reverberation. This is why they call themselves the Arcas Alphorn group. Traditional, jazzy and world music rhythms and melodies flow into the repertoire. Pieces of music are often played at alps festivals, birthday parties, weddings etc..

Orgelkonzerte St. Luzi Chur

Organ concerts St. Luzi Chur

Chur's music scene is enriched by organ concerts in the St. Luzi Church. These are organized and carried out by Lara Schaffner, organist at the Glarus City Church. The concerts take place on the four Advent Sundays and are arranged by different organists, also international.


Konzertverein Chur

The Konzertverein (Concert Association) Chur has as its prehistory the house concerts of the citizens of Chur, who introduced classical music to their city through personal relationships with great musicians. At the beginning of the 20th century, so-called Volkshaus conersts were founded until 1959, when the Konzertverein Chur was founded. Since that time he has organized subscription concerts. Selected artists with interpretive skills make the concerts of the Konzertverein Chur special.

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