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City E-Guide

The City E-Guide by Chur Tourism is the individual city tour for your mobile phone or tablet. With the free app, you can explore the city on your own. All kinds of interesting facts about history, culture, sights and much more are available in the app at any time. You can choose from various tours of different lengths, which can be adapted to your starting point thanks to GPS positioning.

In 43 chapters you will learn many interesting facts about the history and culture of the Alpine City of Chur and the holiday canton of Graubünden. A further 32 chapters deal with the Cathedral Treasure Museum of the Diocese of Chur - you will learn many interesting facts about the history of the diocese, about the cathedral treasure of Chur and the Death Pictures from the Episcopal Castle.

How it works

Instead of joining a guided tour, you can use the map view to go on your own individual city walk or choose one of our suggested routes:

  • Best of Chur
  • Cathedral Treasure Museum
  • Churches route
  • StreetArt tour
  • Hidden Chur
  • Churer mill stream tour
  • Domat/Ems City tour
  • Domat/Ems church tour
  • Complete route

On the basis of a clear plan you can orientate yourself and select the desired chapter at the respective location. If you have no possibility to follow a route on site or only a part of it, you can listen to everything comfortably from everywhere via the map view or the route of the Cathedral Treasury Museum and get an idea of the individual stations with the deposited pictures. 


City E-Guide App.

Free Download for mobile devices / tablets

The City E-Guide app is free to download from your App Store.

Other languages

At the moment, the City E-Guide is avaible in German and English. If you prefer another language for the discovery tour through the city, you can download the following audio guide files.

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