Surrounded by mountain magic.

Alpine city of Chur

Ausblick über die Stadt Chur an einem Sommerabend
Chur calls itself an Alpine City. And that is more than just a slogan, because Chur is not only located pretty much in the centre of the Alpine arc between Vienna and Nice, the city is also literally embedded and surrounded by an impressive Alpine landscape.

The Alps

The Alps stretch from Vienna in the east to Nice on the Côte d'Azur. Chur is located almost exactly in the middle of the Alpine arc. The town lies at an altitude of just under 600 m, but the surrounding mountains reach up to over 3,000 m. Chur's local mountains, which reach to the edge of the town, are called Montalin, Pizokel and Calanda.

Mountains and Nature

The mountains and leisure facilities are within direct sight and reach of the city. With the local mountain Brambrüesch (on the Pizokel), Chur has a winter and summer sports area that is directly accessible from the city by cableway. This is a special feature of Chur. The highest point in the town is on the Haldenstein Calanda (2,805 m) and the mountain hut of the same name belonging to the Swiss Alpine Club is also located on the mighty Calanda massif. The rocky slopes of the Montalin are home to ibex colonies, which enjoy a breathtaking view of the city and the Rhine valley. More than 50% of the city is forested and only 4 km from the city is the Rabiosa Gorge, where the famous Swiss mineral water «Passugger» springs. As a town in the Alps, Chur is still home to 21 farmers. With Alp Maran near Arosa, the city still owns the ninth largest cow pasture in Graubünden.

Central starting point in Graubünden

As the capital of the mountainous canton of Graubünden and the actual «hub» (main station of the Rhaetian Railway and Postbus Graubünden), numerous well-known resort towns or sport and leisure destinations such as Arosa-Lenzerheide, Flims-Laax, Davos-Klosters or even St. Moritz can be reached within a short time - also comfortably as a day trip.

City life

At the same time, urban life pulsates in the city and, with its relatively low valley location of just under 600 m, an almost Mediterranean climate prevails in many places. The capital of Graubünden also stands for the cultural diversity of the mountainous canton with its 3 languages (German, Romansh, Italian). Chur is also known far beyond the cantonal borders thanks to its wealth of cultural offerings, such as the three cantonal museums (Art Museum, Rhaetian Museum and Nature Museum) or the large city theatre. Chur also fulfils its function as a centre with its broad range of educational opportunities, which extend all the way to the University of Applied Sciences level. The culinary diversity of Graubünden also comes into its own in Chur. For example, at the weekly Saturday market, where farmers from all over Graubünden offer their goods in the unique ambience of the car-free old town from May to October.


Chur combines «Alps» and «City» in an ideal way. Chur is literally «in the centre of the mountain magic». Where else can you enjoy city life on the one hand and watch ibexes or immerse yourself in the active mountain experience in the immediate vicinity of the city on the other? But as they say, pictures speak louder than words...

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