HR Giger

Portrait HR Giger © Annie Bertram
Graubünden has always produced very special artists. One of them is Hans Rudolf «HR» Giger (1940 - 2014). The famous artist was born as the son of a pharmacist in Chur. HR Giger achieved world fame as a representative of fantastic realism. He was awarded an Oscar in 1980 for the design of the «Alien» for Ridley Scott's film of the same name.
Giger was not only known in the film industry, but also in music, where he created artistic record covers for important bands from the heavy metal scene. In his hometown Chur you can get closer to the art of HR Giger in different places.
HR Giger Platz Chur

Giger square

Since 2015, the square at the junction of Vazerolgasse and Storchengasse has been called Giger square, in honour of Hans-Ruedi Giger (1940 - 2014), who saw the light of day at Storchengasse 17. A simple plaque on Giger's birthplace commemorates the Oscar-winning creator of the alien monster. In 2021, the Giger square was upgraded with an artistic intervention of the fountain and a touch-screen console where visitors can learn about the life and work of HR Giger in five languages.

Giger Bar Chur

Giger Bar

H.R. Giger achieved world renown with his «creation» of the «Alien». The Oscar prize-winner established a bar in his hometown that is a must-visit for anyone who is a fan. Surrounded by fantasy creatures and skeletons, you sip your earthly drink and enjoy an aperitif with the slightly creepy feeling of being in another world.

The bar was originally planned for New York. As scheduling difficulties stymied this project, the bar with its exclusive Giger design was opened in the Kalchbuhl Centre. The entire interior décor of the bar and the furniture were designed by H.R. Giger.


Torso with long skull shape (1973/2007)

HR Giger's sculpture «Torso with long skull shape» stands in the garden of the Graubünden Art Museum. Half human, half machine, the figure reminds some visitors of the science fiction films «Alien». The sculpture is characteristic of HR Giger's dark, surreal and psychedelic figure world, which oscillates between dream and reality, life and death, man and machine. The technoid expression of this female figure is underlined by the shiny material of aluminium. 

Changing works by the artist can also be found in the collection of the Graubünden Art Museum.

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