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Ausblick über die Stadt Chur an einem Sommerabend
Here you will find a collection of selected images of the Alpine City of Chur. For editorial purposes, we provide photos from our extensive image database by arrangement. Other use only in consultation with Chur Tourism.
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Panorama Alpenstadt Chur, Graubünden

Virtual visit. 360° panoramic tour

We invite you on a virtual 360° panoramic tour of the Alpine City. Discover the historic Old Town, sights, museums, hotels, excursion destinations and more.

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Video «Chur - The Alpine City»

Watch Imagevideo Chur Tourismus - Im Zentrum des Bergzaubers on YouTube.

Video «Brambrüesch - Chur's local mountain»

Watch Brambruesch - der Churer Hausberg on YouTube.

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