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Calanda 2805m

Calanda(hütte) - Rundtour
The Calanda is our Darling and keeps the bad weather away from Chur. That's why the heraldic animal, the ibex, also loves this area. The climbers on the summit toast each other with tapped Calanda Beer.


The Calanda is located northwest of the capital of Graubünden, Chur, and consists of four peaks: Taminser Calanda (2,390 m), Felsberger Calanda (2,697 m), Haldensteiner Calanda (2,805 m, highest point of the city of Chur), and Berger Calanda (2,309 m). It is part of Chur just as its horns are part of an ibex. An animal, by the way, that you might come across on the lower slopes of the Calanda massif if you're lucky. The Swiss Alpine Club SAC's Calandahütte at 2,073 m, which is easily accessible on foot or by bicycle, is popular outing destination. It is the starting point for the hike to the Haldensteiner Calanda and many other exciting tours.


Calanda 2805m

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