Amusement park Alpenstadt Chur


The ultimate game for tourists, families, businesses, schools and whoever else is out for adventure!


Get locked in at AdventureRooms and experience a thrilling challenge! You and your group will be left to your own devices as you explore rooms, seek clues and hidden doors and solve mysterious riddles to escape from your confinement before time runs out. Are you up to the challenge?


Offer details
Three adventures are available:

Episode 1 - The Breakout
The old secret society of Molors has imprisoned you in the old shadow jail of Chur! Discover secret passages, use mysterious devices and use your skill and cunning to escape within 60 minutes. Chur's oldest adventure is still one of the most popular challenges. Suitable for newbies! 2 to 8 players (standard course) or max. 8 vs. 8 players (duel) are possible


Episode 2 - The Ambush
The old secret society of the Jerids has struck back and is holding you prisoner in knight's chamber! Escape your chains, find the mysterious room of numbers and use teamwork to break out! 2 to 8 players (standard course) or max. 8 vs. 8 players (duel) are possible


Episode 4 - The Interrogation

You and your team must escape a mysterious interrogation room within 60 minutes. What's behind it? Make a fateful decision as a group. The latest of the exciting escape adventures in Chur, suitable for young and old alike! 2 to 8 players (standard course) or max. 8 vs. 8 players (duel) are possible


Game variants

Standard course or duel? Both Episode 1 and Episode 2 can be played as a standard course or as a duel. In the standard course, a team of 2 to 8 players must use skill and cunning to escape a room with locked doors in less than 60 minutes. In the duel, two teams of up to 8 players compete against each other. One team has 30 minutes to catch the other using its skill and cunning, while the second team simultaneously has to use its skill and cunning to escape the first team. After a half-time break, the game is reset and the roles are reversed. 


Recommended age

Under 16s are allowed only when accompanied by adults. Basic recommendation: From 9 years


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