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Bio Hof Hilarien Chur

Bio Hof Hilarien Chur
Bio Hof Hilarien Chur

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Bio Hof Hilarien Chur
Learning by hand - outdoors. 
The farm can be reached in seven minutes from the Nikolai and Türligarten school buildings and in twelve minutes from the train station.


Flavia Brüesch

Chickens, dogs and cats, horses, bees, cows and sheep - shoveling, watering, felling, mucking, sweeping, transporting: there is a lot to marvel at and do here. Plucking marigold petals, dyeing sheep's wool, tasting nettle chips, making a fire, sniffing beeswax and lavender, losing our fear of dogs or reversing into a parking space with the pedal tractor, carving while sitting, singing and spending time with Nilla and Hilarius – we want to spend a lot of time outdoors and watch what nature and animals are doing.

On our farm live 14 Scottish Highland cattle, 39 sheep, 19 chickens, a cat, the dog Ronja and our two horses. The cows and sheep are on the alp from mid-June to mid-September and on the pastures in April/May and October/November. 

German, French and Italian

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Bio Hof Hilarien Chur

Malixerstrasse 81, 7000 Chur

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