Farm Shop Churer Rheintal

Biohof Danuser

The Danuser family runs an organic farm with dairy farming and arable farming. In the farm shop: various organic potatoes (Agria, Rote Laura, Charlotte), small quantities of organic meat products (homemade sausages, cheese sausages, Wienerli, cervelat, hamburgers), organic alpine cheese Tambo, fresh milk for self-filling, organic eggs from Zillis.


Together with apprentices, the Danuser family runs an organic farm that specialises in dairy farming and arable farming. The farm's own shop offers various organic products:

- Organic potatoes in different varieties and quantities, both unwashed and storable:
> Agria, floury, ideal for French fries.
> Red Laura, slightly floury, perfect for yellow, fine mashed potatoes.
> Charlotte, waxy.
- Organic meat products in smaller quantities, including homemade sausages, cheese sausages, Wienerli, cervelat and hamburgers.
- Organic alpine cheese Tambo from the Tamboalp in Splügen, an alp that belongs to the municipality of Felsberg.
- Organic fresh milk directly from the milk vending machine, for self-filling.
- In addition, organic eggs from colleagues from Zillis are in the assortment.

Opening hours

Milk vending machine 24/7


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