Castle Churer Rheintal

Rhäzüns Castle

Schloss Rhäzüns
While other castles hoard only as ruins on their heights, this castle has survived into the present in an almost intact form.


On a steep promontory over the Hinter Rhine lies the stately Rhäzüns castle (first documented 1288), which once guarded the passage into Domleschg valley. It is the first of a whole sequence of castles and fortresses lining the hills along the Hinter Rhine. During the Middle Ages, Rhäzuns castle was home to the powerful house of Rhäzüns. Today, it is owned by the Ems Group. 

Until today, many of the medieval elements of the building have been retained, especially in the main walls and the foundations. But its overall appearance dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries. The decoration of facades and interior give the castle significant historical, cultural and artistic importance and a unique character.

Rhäzüns castle is not open to the public.


Rhäzüns Castle

7403 Rhäzüns

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