Ever since people learned to cook, they have wrapped their food in some kind of greenery. The Indians wrapped maize porridge in maize leaves, the Chinese wrapped fish, meat and rice in lotus or bamboo leaves, and in this country food is wrapped in cabbage stems, spinach, lettuce or savoy cabbage - or, as with capuns, in chard leaves! Capuns is synonymous with the art of cooking in Graubünden, with experimentation and imagination - there is not one recipe for capuns, but countless different ones.

Ingredients (for 5 people)

  • 400 g white flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 dl water
  • 1 dl milk
  • Salt, pepper
  • 1 pair of Landjäger
  • 1 Salsiz (120 g)
  • 100 g raw ham
  • 10 g parsley, chopped
  • 10 g chives, chopped
  • 20 g spearmint
  • 60 pcs. Chard leaves
  • 4 dl stock
  • 4 dl milk
  • 100 g grated mountain cheese
  • 50 g butter / cooking butter
  • 100 g bacon cubes


Put the flour in a bowl. Add the eggs, water, milk and spices. Quickly work everything into a smooth dough and quench. Cut the Landjäger, Salsiz and raw ham or bacon into small cubes and add to the dough together with the herbs. Wash the chard leaves.

Put a small spoonful of the dough mixture into each leaf and wrap it up. Bring the milk and stock to the boil together, add the capuns and simmer gently for about 10 minutes.

Carefully remove the capuns, arrange on a platter, pour over some of the cooking liquid and sprinkle with cheese.

Fry the bacon cubes in butter until crispy and spread over the finished capuns at the end.