12 Tips for Spring.

Experience Chur in Spring.

In the colorful spring, Chur offers a wide range of activities for families, sports enthusiasts, culture lovers and more. Cozy garden restaurants provide relaxation and enjoyment.
Bike tours, climbing garden in Haldenstein, pump tracks and skate parks in Chur and the surrounding attract sports enthusiasts. 

3 Tips.

Experience the lively city Chur.

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In spring, various events take place in Chur: From the Khuga, ÖKKBike Revolution, Maypole Festival, Schlagerparade to the Calanda Spring Festival and much more. 

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Green garden restaurants

Enjoy spring with an aperitif or a fine meal in a garden restaurant. This can be wonderfully combined with a visit to the Fontanapark or a shopping spree. 

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Altstadtführung Hoftreppe
City tour

Chur offers wonderful opportunities to get to know the city better, for example with a guided tour of the old town. The guided tour "the Antistitium" is a new tour.

3 Tips.

Family experiences.

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Bike-, skateparks and pumptracks

Pure riding pleasure on the pumptracks. Recreational fun for children, teenagers and adults. Downhill fun is also provided by the Alpenbikepark.

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Das magische Portal in Chur: Gemeinsam auf interaktiver Rätselsuche in der Altstadt
Magic Portal

Discover the old town of Chur with cunning and skill. Fun for the whole family.

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Climbing and bouldering fun

Climbing gyms and gardens, as well as bouldering, are the place to be. An ideal preparation for exploring the alpine mountains in summer.

3 Tips.

Hiking in spring.

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Discover the Rhine gorge.

«Switzerland's Grand Canyon» is an impressive natural setting that can be explored by train, on foot, by bicycle and mountain bike or on the Rhine. The value of this impressive landscape was recognised early on. In 1977 it was one of the first landscapes in Switzerland to be placed under national protection.

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Bot Tschavier

A leisurely walk from Bonaduz around the hill Bot Tschavier, with beautiful views of the fascinating Rhine Gorge.

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Haldenstein castle ruins

On this hiking tour you will discover the Castle of Haldenstein and the ruins above the village.

3 Tips.

Tours on two wheels.

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mountainbike_altstadt_arcas_andremeier (1).JPG
Along the Rhine by e-bike.

RheinWelten connects the existing Veloland Schweiz «Rhine Route 2» with regional, cultural and culinary highlights in 15 adventure worlds, including Chur, over a distance of 435 kilometres. 

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Velofahrer auf einem Weg unterwegs zwischen Weinreben
Culinary tour Fünf Dörfer

Enjoyable bike/e-bike tour through the wine region «Fünf Dörfer» and along the Rhine. Including a 3-course menu in three different restaurants along the route. 

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Cycling and gravelbike tours

Chur is an ideal starting point for cycling and gravel bike tours. Several tours can be undertaken in all directions from Chur.