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Culinary tour «Dreibündenstein snowshoe pleasure»

Snowshoe round trip ticket Dreibündenstein including a lunch bag with regional specialities for the pleasurable picnic on the way.

The snowshoe tours from Chur's local mountain Brambrüesch over the Dreibündenstein to Feldis and Pradaschier are amongst the most beautiful snowshoe hikes in Graubünden. As route GR 1 (Brambrüesch - Feldis) and GR 2 (Brambrüesch - Pradaschier) these are continuously signposted. The attractive round trip tickets from Chur include all cableway rides as well as the return journey by bus or train back to the Alpine City.

On the high plateau with the historic Dreibündenstein and its breathtaking panorama is the perfect place for a stopover. With our exclusive lunch bag you will not only enjoy the view, but also tasty, regional products.

The ascent from Brambrüesch leads first through idyllic forest sections before at Spundis the view opens up towards Dreibündenstein. With a magnificent view of the mountains and valleys, you hike further up over the Hühnerköpfe and to the highest point on Furggabüel, where a 360° panorama opens up, which extends from the local mountains around Chur, Arosa and Lenzerheide to the Glarus Alps. The overthrust of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tectonic Arena Sardona, which can be seen from here on the opposite Ringelspitz to the Flimser mountains (Segnes, Tschingelhörner), is also very impressive. On the two-part panorama board near Furggabüel you can find the names of the peaks and the Tectonic Arena Sardona. The chair lift Hühnerköpfe - Furggabüel can be used to shorten the ascent. 

The descent then leads from the Dreibündenstein plateau either to Feldis (GR 1) or to Pradaschier (GR 2). In both cases, the return trip by cableways to the valley and by train or bus back to Chur is included. 

Tour details

  • Starting point: Valley station of the Chur Cableways
  • Recommended starting time: between 9 - 10am
  • Duration: half day
  • Hiking time: 3 - 4 h
  • Distance: 8 km
  • Route GR 1 (Brambrüesch - Feldis): Brambrüesch mountain station - Spundis - Furggabüel - Dreibündenstein - Mutta mountain station
  • Route GR 2 (Brambrüesch - Pradaschier): Brambrüesch mountain station - Spundis - Furggabüel - Dreibündenstein - Pradaschier
  • Children: Recommended from appr. 10 years or as soon as the children can walk a longer distance on their own.


  • Map with detailed information about the route
  • Official snowshoe map Dreibündenstein (1:25'000)
  • Aerial cableway ride Chur-Brambrüesch
  • Chairlift Hühnerköpfe–Furggabüel (optional)
  • Lunch bag with specialities from Graubünden, all products of regional production
  • Variant GR 1 (Brambrüesch - Feldis): chairlift ride Mutta-Feldis, gondola ride Feldis - Rhäzüns, bus or train ride from Rhäzüns to Chur
  • Variant GR 2 (Brambrüesch - Pradaschier): chairlift ride Pradaschier-Churwalden, post bus ride Churwalden - Chur

To bring with you

  • Drinks and a pocket knife for the picnic 
  • Snowshoes

If you don't have snowshoes, you have the possibility of renting them at the AIS sports school on Brambrüesch, with the possibility of returning them at the end point of the hike.

Price Brambrüesch - Feldis

  • CHF 99 per person
  • CHF 87 per person (with Half-Fare Card / GA / Swiss Travel Pass)
  • CHF 74 per child (6 - 15 years)

Price Brambrüesch - Pradaschier

  • CHF 98 per person
  • CHF 83 per person (with Half-Fare Card / GA / Swiss Travel Pass)
  • CHF 71 per child (6 - 15 years)


  • Daily from 22 December 2022 – 12 March 2023, depending on the snow conditions

Booking deadline

  • For indiviudals & groups: 4 days in advance
  • With a Geschenkidee voucher by booking request form: 4 working days in advance


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