Guided tour Forum Würth

Guided tour through the curren exhibition «Women in art» at the Forum Würth Chur. 

Private guided tour

Housewife, mother, sex symbol – the list of clichés related to female roles is long. But artists, male and female, have always found interesting and often surprising ways of dealing with it, questioning it, re-interpreting it. The works in this exhibition oscillate between a preoccupation with identity as a woman and an artist, and the ascriptions the world makes to women. In brief: Who am I and who am I supposed to be? After all, when it comes to images of women in both senses, the question that always arises is: Who is portraying whom and how? For example, the link between painter and model is a prototypical response to this, mainly by male artists. Today, female artists, but some of their fellow male artists too, seek ways to escape directing this classical and much criticised gaze on the relationship.


  • CHF 200.- per group

Exhibition's duration

  • Until 9 January 2022


  • During the exhibition's duration daily from Monday-Sunday


  • 11 a.m. - 5 p.m./ 1 hour

Group size

  • Up to 25 persons per group 


  • German


  • Per mail oder by phone at Forum Würth Chur


  • Cash, Maestro card or credit card