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Monastery church Churwalden


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Guided tours in the former monastery church of Churwalden


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Roman Catholic Church of St. Mary and Michael

The beginnings of the present parish church of St. Maria and Michael go back to the 9th century. Around 1150 the Premonstratensians from Roggenburg near Ulm founded their settlement in Churwalden. After a fire in 1472, the present late Gothic church was rebuilt. The nearby abbot's building from the 15th century shows the building activity of the monastery. From the monastery of Churwalden branches were founded all over Switzerland. With the Reformation in the 16th century, the time of the monastery was also over and the decline of the monastery began. Due to the judicial division of the church, it was used by both denominations until 1967. With the death of the last Premonstratensian in 1806, the history of the monastery in Churwalden ended. Administratively administered by Chur, the parish became independent in 1877.
Meeting point at the church. Registration desired or by appointment


Roman Catholic Church of St. Mary and Michael

Hauptstrasse 2, 7075 Churwalden

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