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Week of Religions

Visit to mosque, temple and monastery


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Evang.-ref. Landeskirche Graubünden

During the Week of Religions from 7 to 14 November, events will take place throughout Switzerland to facilitate dialogue and encounters between religions and cultures. In Graubünden, interested groups can visit the prayer houses of the various religious communities especially this week. On request, the Migration Worldwide Church Unit organises guided tours for school groups, parishes or educational institutions. In all regions of Graubünden there are various prayer houses of the more than 50 religious communities. The personal encounter promotes the understanding of the other and gives an exciting insight into the religious life of the communities. This helps to build bridges and deepen respect for people of other faiths.


Evangelisch-reformierte Landeskirche Graubünden Fachstelle Migration Weltweite Kirche

Loëstrasse 60, 7000 Chur

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