Rhine Gorge experiences and activities

Rheinschlucht bei Chur, Graubünden
«Switzerland's Grand Canyon» is an impressive natural setting that can be explored by train, on foot, by bicycle and mountain bike or on the Rhine. 

Rail journey through the natural monument

The Rhaetian Railway travels through the middle of the Rhine Gorge and offers spectacular views - comfortably from the railway car. The world-famous «Glacier Express» panorama train also crosses the gorge on its route between Chur and Zermatt. 


Rhine Gorge Bus

The Rhine Gorge bus connects the two valley sides of the Rhine Gorge and now the spectacular route between Versam and Reichenau. Reserve the sought-after seats in the convertible or minibus and let yourself be driven right across the Rhine Gorge.


Viewing platforms and barbecue sites

On several viewing platforms you can enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the Rhine Gorge.

Beautiful barbecue areas invite you to make a comfortable stop on your hike or bike tour.


Cycling & Mountain biking

Also for cyclists and mountain bikers there are several paths and trails ready to be discovered. 

Bicycle route:

Mountain bike tours:



The Rhine Gorge is part of the well-known trail marathon "Transruinaulta". The imposing Ruinaulta with enjoyable trails characterise the running experience of this trail marathon. In addition to the original route, there are also many other trails to choose from for trail running fun in and around the Rhine Gorge. 

River Rafting in der Rheinschlucht

River rafting and water sports

Gliding through the Rhine Gorge on the Vorderrhein is a fascinating experience. Rapids alternate with calmer sections of the river. However, the landscape in the Rhine Gorge is breathtaking throughout. The section runs between Ilanz and Versam to Reichenau and is one of the most beautiful stretches in Switzerland. Various providers offer tours with rafting boats, canoes and canadians, pack rafts, funyaks and hydrospeeding. 


Caumasee ©Flims Laax Falera / Danuser 

Bathing & Swimming

The Flims landslide created three idyllic mountain lakes with crystal-clear turquoise water. Surrounded by forests, the lakes offer a great possibility for cooling off after a hike or bike tour along the Rhine Gorge.

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