Chur - Maladers - Mittenberg - Chur

12.6 km
4:20 h
544 mhd
544 mhd
Chur - Maladers - Mittenberg - Chur

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Richtung Fürstenwald
In the middle of the mountain magic centre to Maladers up to the Mittenberg. The popular and panoramic mountain attracts families, sports enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.
Technique 0/6
Fitness 0/6
Highest Point  1105 m
Lowest Point  585 m
Best Season
46.853259, 9.529957



Chur - Maladers

Start your journey at the Bahnhofplatz in Chur and walk along the charming Bahnhofstrasse to Alexanderplatz. There you turn left into Quaderstrasse. Follow this road to the Coop Quader, where you can stock up on provisions for the hike. Behind the Coop, the Haldenweg leads up to the picturesque Haldenhüttli, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the old town of Chur

From the Haldenhüttli, it's a short distance down the Aroserstrasse to the church of St. Luzi. Follow the pilgrim's path past the Konvikt to Maladers.

Maladers - Mittenberg (1114m)

Shortly before the village of Maladers you reach the district of Tumma. After a sharp bend to the left, the path leads uphill for about 500 m to the junction to the Schanfigger Höhenweg. On this popular high-altitude trail you hike to the Mittenberg. Enjoy more breathtaking views of Chur on the way and on the popular Chur excursion mountain.

Mittenberg - Chur

From Mittenberg, the path leads through the Tüchelwald down almost to the Fürstenwald. Before you dive into the Fürstenwald, turn left onto the pilgrim's path. This leads first across a meadow to the Lürlibad and then down into the Berggasse. A few metres after the Berggasse bus stop, turn into the forest  and follow the pilgrim's path to the Haldenhüttli. From there, continue down Arosastrasse, across the courtyard to St. Martinsplatz. In Chur's old town, you can linger in cosy cafés and restaurants and indulge in culinary delights. Through the Poststrasse and Bahnhofstrasse you will return to the starting point at Bahnhofplatz.


Public Transport


There are several multi-storey car parks and parking spaces available in Chur. Here you will find an overview.

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