Ringelspitzhütte / Lavoitobel

36.2 km
4:25 h
1566 mhd
1566 mhd
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Aufstieg zur Ringelspitzhütte

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Ringelspitzhütte mit UNESCO-Panorama
A day tour that demands a lot and offers even more: challenging ascent, worthwhile refreshment stops, unique mountain scenery and fantastic views as well as a trail descent that you will not soon forget.
Technique 4/6
Fitness 5/6
Highest Point  1992 m
Lowest Point  562 m
Best Season
Obere Au, Chur
Obere Au, Chur
46.854047, 9.505327



Two things are needed for this tour: stamina and fun on technical trail descents. If you have both, you can look forward to a mountain bike experience in a class of its own. The ideal start is in Chur at the Obere Au car park, where you can also leave your car (even for several days, if you spend the night in the Ringelspitzhütte). To start with, we recommend a visit to Merz, where you can enjoy fine coffee as well as delicious pastries and confectionery in Switzerland's first drive-in bakery/confectionery (you will be glad later that you didn't start on an empty stomach, so feel free to grab it and take something with you on your way).

At the beginning, the tour leads to Felsberg and soon turns right onto a magnificent forest trail, which leads to Benis Boden. The road to the Kunkelspass leads regularly steeply (but easily rideable) uphill with magnificent views along the route. The Überuf restaurant on the mountain level is a recommended stopover; there are usually a lot of bikers here, who ride the popular Kunkelspass tour. Right at the restaurant, the path to the Ringelspitzhütte branches off to the left. A beautiful and easily drivable mountain road leads uphill to the Grossalp. The mountain panorama is breathtaking, with the Calanda (local mountain of the Alpine town of Chur and one of the longest mountain massifs in Graubünden) on one side and the mountain ranges around the Ringelspitz (part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tectonic Arena Sardona) on the other. Turn left at Grossalp and follow the path that is initially drivable. Now it's only a short ascent (in principle rideable ;-) At the highest point of the tour, it is once again worth stopping for a bite to eat and enjoy the view. Then it's time to take down the saddle and set it to downhill mode .

The demanding trail into the Lavoitobel has it all and offers technically experienced bikers a joyful challenge (short bump passages). The rocky mountain flanks of Crap Mat to the right provide a unique backdrop. At Hinter Säss it gets flat, but the trail still requires full concentration. Finally, a forest trail follows, which technically but still leads very flowing (because not blocked) into the valley. A real pleasure and you think the trail has no end. On the following mountain road you can relax a bit. When you reach the Kunkelspass road, turn left briefly uphill and soon turn right again over a bridge.  Just after the bridge there is another crisp trail, which later rejoins the ascent route. Follow this road back to the starting point in Chur at the Obere Au.


Plan enough time for a cozy stop in the Ringelspitzhütte - to enjoy the unique mountain scenery and the warm hut catering.


Be careful on departure, partially exposed terrain. Give priority to hikers.


Public Transport

Start from the easily accessible train station Chur.

Anreise Information

Motorway exit Chur Süd to the parking lot Obere Au in Chur.


Parking Obere Au, Chur

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