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AN ISLAND... Open-air theatre in Rhäzüns


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The theatre group rhäzüns&bonaduz will perform the open-air play "ONE ISLAND..." from 9 to 31 August 2024.


09.08.2024 to 24.08.2024 from 20:30 to 22:30 o'clock
on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
30.08.2024 to 31.08.2024 from 20:30 to 22:30 o'clock
Theatre, numbered seat
Adults CHF 38.00
Children (up to 16 years) CHF 25.00
Can be booked additionally:
Theatre menu CHF 39.00
Waldbühne Vialva

A quirky theatre troupe plunges into disaster on a tiny island – in the truest sense of the word: a highly motivated director with a pinch of megalomania stages the end of the world with a dedication that would make even Shakespeare blush. In search of a saving island for Robinson Crusoe or a refuge for the survivors of the Titanic, you don't end up in a great setting, but only on a pile of sand.

While the troupe struggles with the shallows of its own drama, the question arises: What is reality at all? Which of them is a spectator, and who plays the leading role in the chaotic theater of life? The various doomsday scenarios collide on stage as if they had landed in an absurd Thermomix, and the boundaries blur faster than an octopus in a whirlpool.

"An island..." by Herbert Schoppmann (originally called "Literature") presents itself as an absurd play for an absurd time, always cheerful and pictorially playful – a firework of insanity that takes not only the actors, but also the audience on a journey through the turmoil of reality and madness.


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