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Pascal Gamboni

Together with Valeria Zangger, the Romansh-singing musician presents his new album "Sut la pial".


22.05.2022 from 20:00 to 22:00 o'clock
Price CHF 20.00 / 15.00
Zeit Bar open from 5 pm.
Ort Workshop Kultur-Bar

"The devil fears music (il giavel tema la musica)" - that's what Pascal Gamboni sings in "Tschicago", the opening song of his latest album "Sut la pial" (Under the skin). But don't worry; the Romany-singing musician has not sold his soul to the devil - as the American bluesman Robert Johnson once did.

Pascal has found in music his very own tone, his own poetry. It is the tone of the quiet craftsman, inspired by the rocky ground of his Tavetsch homeland and by the global wind: concise, laconic, modest, yet rich. He himself describes his style as "Alpine Lo-Fi". But this does not mean that the Chantautur rests on well-trodden paths. "Ju drova midada uss" (I need change now) he professes in one of his songs. Unimagined waves of sound flow through his now tenth album, most of which was played by himself and recorded in his apartment in Bern. Strong poetic images decorate the work, they carry messages of tolerance and humanity, but also ask questions. "I smoke a sound / and I pay for dinner with a song" reads one of the album's final lines. No, Pascal Gamboni does not sell his soul - he gives new music that goes under the skin.

This Sunday he plays live together with Valeria Zangger.

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