Tschiertschen - Carmennapass - Weisshorn/Arosa (02)

8.4 km
3:45 h
1316 mhd
11 mhd
Das Aroser Weisshorn mit der Station der Luftseilbahn Arosa-Weisshorn als Ziel dieser Wanderung.
Traditional transition to Arosa with a bold ascent to the «Carmennapass» nud to the summit of the Aroser Weisshorn, through the most diverse alpine flora and with a beautiful view of the Urdental!
Technique 0/6
Fitness 0/6
Highest Point  2645 m
Lowest Point  1332 m
Best Season
Start Tschiertschen
Destination Weisshorn/Arosa
Coordinates 46.818274, 9.606752



From the village centre (1343 m.a.s.l.M) Tschiertschen via the Oberdorf, «Bödem» and «Clüs» as well as the «Alpbach» (1576 m.a.s.M.e.) to the junction into the Urdental at the «Bleiswald». From there on a slight incline on the Urder Alpweg to the big bend in the beautiful terrain hollow of "Capätsch" (1775 m.a.s.l.M), which invites you to a short stop at the beautiful "Urdenbach". Here the route branches off to the left of the road, crosses the "Urdenbach" and climbs over the "Schafstein" (1939 m.a.s.l.M) and the subsequent steep slope to the union with the path coming from the alp "Inner Urden". Through a large hollow and the subsequent steep step you now reach the "Carmenna Pass" (2367 m above sea level.M), where the view opens up to the terrain chambers of Arosa and the Plessuralpen. From the "Carmenna Pass" you can either climb over the southwest shoulder to the "Weisshorn" (2653 m above sea level.M, mountain restaurant and cable car to Arosa) or on one of the various hiking routes via the LAW middle station (2015 m.a.s.l.M) to Arosa (1739 m.a.s.l.M) or via the "Carmennahütte" (2134 m.a.s.l.M) to Innerarosa.

As a variant, you can reach the "Carmenna Pass" from Tschiertschen instead of on the route via "Capätsch" in practically the same time via the alp "Inner Urden". To do this, follow the signs "Inner Urden – Carmennapass – Arosa" from the village centre!


The descent from the «Carmennapass» to Tschiertschen on the described ascent route requires about 2 hours.

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