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The first saw on Feldis territory was built in 1774.


Forced, because the village fire and the subsequent reconstruction demanded large amounts of wood. This first saw was still driven by a water wheel.

In 1828 the site was moved to today's reservoir, and in 1921 the Feldiser built today's saw. The building was built in the gemeinwerk, so each Feldiser had to make his contribution to the construction. From the very beginning, the saw was electrically operated.

Until the seventies, sawing was done with a so-called single gate, then today's block saw was installed.

Today, IG Säge takes care of the building and the operation. Previously, it was owned by the municipality of Tomils. However, since the saw could only be operated at a loss, they wanted to give it up. Thanks to the commitment of IG Säge, however, the forest pasture fences of the Feldis farmers still come from domestic production today.


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