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Cycling on the Alpine Circle. From Disentis to Chur through the Rhine Gorge and on to the Engadine. Eurotrek luggage transport included.


The highlights of Graubünden
Viaducts, bridges and gorges pass by as quickly as the turquoise waters of the Rhine Gorge on the Alpine Circle bike tour. The red trains of the Rhaetian Railway and the imposing limestone walls of the natural monument point the way from Ilanz to Thusis and to the railway village of Bergün up to the Albula Pass. At the top, you are treated to views of the mountain world and the spectacular viaducts of the railway line. The descent into the Engadine rewards the long climb. In the Swiss National Park, nature appears completely untouched. As the spectacular firing point of the tour, you reach the Kunkelspass via the Tamina Gorge and back to the cantonal capital of Chur.



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